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What is Home Automation?

Our Smart Home Automation Systems coordinates security, temperatures, lighting,
and audio/video automatically for safety, energy savings, and convenience.
Automatically dimming lights, locking Doors and changing heating and cooling
setpoints when you are away from home can greatly reduce energy costs.

Remote access lets you view security video alerts on your smartphone.

Adding a Smart Home Automation can also increase the value of your home.

Smart Home Package:

  • Energy Management
  • Voice & Remote Commands
  • Wireless/Solar Security Cameras
  • Back-Up Generators
  • Complete Home Theater
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • Security Network Firewalls
  • Ring & Alex Integration
  • Outdoor LED Smart Ligthing
  • Fiber Optic Wiring
  • Motorized Blinds & Drapes
  • Access Control & Gates
  • Motorized Door Locks
  • Wireless Security Systems

What is a Smart Home Automation System

Making your home smarter and safer every day.

Manage safety, reduce energy consumption, and provide seamless entertainment options, with a suite of scalable options that fit every income level and lifestyle.

Our systems may be installed in new or existing structures, and offer control via your smart phone or tablet.

Our experienced team of home automation experts is here to help you select the best options for your unique application.



Depending on your home automation needs, you may be able to set up a simple home automation system, or you may decide to choose from a number of manufacturers for individual home automation systems or whole-house systems.

Energy Management

Smart thermostats are in-home hubs for automated control of the home’s heating and air conditioning. They can be programmed by homeowners to operate the HVAC systems at opportune times, reduce or increase temperatures on a set schedule.

Security Systems

When Installing a new home automation system, you may want to explore options for home automation security control. that allow homeowners to program, monitor and control their home’s security setup remotely.


“Smart-home technology means that anything you can do inside your house, you can now do from anywhere,” 

“You’re limited only by your imagination.”

Can the system expand easily if my needs change?
Yes. Add Touchscreens, pool, spa, or irrigation controls, window treatments, remotes, multi-room audio systems, home theater controls, access control, video surveillance, wireless door locks and more.

We utilize many technologies, including both Z-Wave® and ZigBee®.

We also partners with dozens of companies in related industries so you can expand and customize your home automation system now, or at any time in the future.



This home security system works off of your smartphone from any location.

One of the most appealing aspects of the current era of home automation is the ability to control your home with your iPhone or other smart mobile device.



“Let Us Make Your Home Green”