Our Process



Our team at Orlando Home Automation will always be by your side and we are focused on delivering the smoothest, most efficient Automation Experience. We insist on providing you with a step-by-step fine-tuned planning process which allows us to surpass your expectations while we adhere to our company’s’ standards.

From conception to completion, check out the specific phases of our process so you know what to expect every step of the way.


We will begin the project with a visit to your residential or commercial space to get to know you and understand your technological needs as well as your routine in order to customize our plan. Once we have a clear picture, our experts will discuss the best way to achieve your vision, factoring in the realities of technological trends, budget constraints and any potential restrictions or obstructions that may stand in the way.

After this we will develop a comprehensive proposal in accordance with your needs. The proposal will define all aspects necessary to complete the project, including all electronic equipment, wire and related installation parts, system design, engineering, project management, labor and programming. You will have the opportunity to review the plan and work with us to revise it as much as needed to meet your approval before we set a date for the installation phase to begin.


Once you review and approve all of the design and engineering documentation, you are ready to sign off on the system design, project price and set an installation date. Our administration team will finalize all the planning details and ensure all hardware requirements for the infrastructure of your system will be available on time.

Our professional installers have over 20 years experience and have mastered the ability to install numerous types of process equipment. They will perform an efficient, mess-free, quick installation so as not to interfere with your current routine or get in the way with your day-to-day life.



Once all equipment is installed, our Automation Specialist will then begin the programming phase in order to customize your system based on your needs and requirements discussed during the initial planning phase.

Keep in mind that we purchase all A/V equipment prior to the installation date and assemble most parts in our office first in order to ensure everything is working correctly before we proceed. Once all programming of the equipment is finalized we test all the systems by troubleshooting any errors and adding those finishing touches. 


After the installation and testing phase is complete, we’ll perform a preliminary walk through of your new project and discuss, in detail, all aspects of your new systems, answering any questions or concerns you may have. At this point, you will be amazed at what you are able to do with your new system that you may want to get more out of it by adding some more automation and programming.

We will make your final adjustments and present you with a final in-detail tutorial of how to use your system and how to maintain it.



Our job doesn’t end there. Our goal is to create a long and lasting relationship with you—which is why we offer the ongoing service and support you need for headache-free operation for years to come and we are always available for any upgrades and support on an as-needed basis.

We also offer an extended warranty on your installed equipment which we can quote on site.

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